Veronica Rose (gogo_sakura) wrote in little_details,
Veronica Rose

Bosnia & Herzegovina/Serbia - Handcuffs, Last Names, and Cops

I have a few quick questions,  and these are all concerning Bosnia/Herzegovina and/or Serbia during the very beginning of World War I.

Also, this is for a play (I hope this is allowed), and because of time constraints, we're unable to do anything very time-consuming regarding props (question 4) and such.

1.) Although it's set in Bosnia and Herzegovina, would it be alright to have Serbian last names? I know the two were closely related, but would they have the same type of last names?

2.) On that note, would this be an accurate list of Serbian last names during this period?

3.) Would cops refer to each other as "Officer"? If not, is there another term they'd use, or would they refer to each other by their last names? First names?

4.) Were handcuffs used in Bosnia and Herzegovina at the time? If, say, I was interrogating three people, two of them restrained in a chair, would it be sensible to tie them to the chair? Would any other restraint methods be better?

5.) Lastly, would I tie up the third prisoner, even though he was being peaceful and was actually suspected of a much minor crime than the other two (normally they wouldn't be interrogated together, I know, but they have to be in the case, can't be helped)? He's being brought in for a routine investigation brought on by an anonymous tip; he is not suspected of anything major at this point.

Thank you~

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