tabaqui (tabaqui) wrote in little_details,

Epinephrine, epi pens - alternate use...

Okay - say you had someone who had 'spells'. Really, mini-seziures. Once or twice, this person had stopped breathing and their heart had stopped beating because of the 'spell'.

What would the effect be if someone used an epipen on them? Anything at all? A little something? More specifically - would the epipen have any effect on getting their heart or breathing going again?

Also, re - using epinephrine in a resuscitation:This beneficial action comes with a significant negative consequence—increased cardiac irritability—which may lead to additional complications immediately following an otherwise successful resuscitation.

Would this negative effect also occur from the use of an epipen or is the amount of drug too small?


ETA: I pretty much have my answer, feel free to add anything if you like. Thanks again!

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