Luna (petrol) wrote in little_details,

British (preferably) autopsy transcript, and what happens to dead bodies?

Vague, I know.

The idea is this: I have a man performing an autopsy on a girl who died, I'm wanting to use drowned or cut her wrists. I really need autopsy transcripts (modern ones), if they even exist? As a way to start the story, introduce it with the transcript.

I also need to know what sort of state the body would be in - I know blood sinks to the bottom of the body and the general appearance, but what would happen if the body revived itself? Would there be a noticeable difference from that of a living person (skin colour, blood colour, etc?)

Any further details on autopsies would be appreciated also.

And to return the favour, if you need info for teen brit picking, suffering from anxiety or body modification, I'm your girl. ^-^
Tags: ~forensics: corpses

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