Alice IW (alice_iw) wrote in little_details,
Alice IW

Quantum computing and the glories of (non-rigorous) sci-fi

A question for any Trekkies who know something about the practicalities and ongoing research of quantum computing.

-To you, would it seem incongruous for the 2230s of Star Trek -- land of spiffy, sparkly transporters and magical 'inertial dampening fields' -- to not have practical and universal quantum computing?

-If, on the face of it, it sounds unlikely to you that practical and compact quantum computers would not have been developed in that period, what might constitute sufficient explanation for it? Would a sentence along the lines of 'The pesky problem of isolating qubits cheaply and compactly had simply proved insurmountable' do it for you?
Tags: ~technology: computers & internet

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