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Procuring Books in British Boarding School

Everyone was so helpful on my last Britpicky question, that I come to you again asking assistance.

I've wiki'd and read about the British school system and boarding schools, so I'm familiar with all of that, at least enough to work with it in my story. However, I haven't come across the issue of school books. I tried googling it, but came up with a bunch of hits, or wiki hits that brought me back to my original research. Part of my knowledge is drawing off of the HP book series, but I'm not sure how much of it applies to your average, modern day, non-wizarding boarding school.

I'd like to know what the situation is with school books at a British boarding school: are the students responsible for obtaining their own books, or does the school provide them for the duration of the class or school year? Would the required texts for classes be included in the tuition? I know in Harry Potter they bought their books from the off-site bookstore, and could purchase them used or new, and then took them to school. Is this the norm, or does it all just depend on the school?

To clarify, this is the prequel to my NaNovel. Most of it takes place at a boarding school in the present day. It's a school where students study the usual academic subjects such as literature, maths, and the sciences, but they also have courses for honing their varying degrees of psychic abilities. I envision it as a cross between Hogwarts, Professor X's School, and maybe a bit of Welton Academy from Dead Poets' Society. It's really a negligible detail, but I'd like to be as accurate as possible even in this first draft.

I did find some helpful information on this site about boarding schools. It should help me with other minutiae. But all it says about text books is that some can be purchased at the on campus store. Is this the norm for most present-day schools?

That should be all for now. Thanks for the help with Britpicking! Why I decided to set my trilogy in the UK, while being from the US, I don't know, but thankfully there are helpful sites and helpful people out there to call upon :)

EDIT/UPDATE: Thank you to all the very helpful posters who gave me the information I needed. This will all go to good use, I promise! Thanks again :D

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