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I've googled "prostitution in USA" and "what prostitutes charge" but have seemed to come up with little more than various opinions on prostitution and general information about it. The one detail I haven't been able to find is how much they would charge. I do know that it differs depending on how long the session is and what the prostitute does, but I'd like some specific numbers (or at least a range).

So this is my question: About how much would a prostitute in the US (in a city in the northeast, if it matters) charge? The character in question is young, new to prostitution, has no pimp, and needs the money to support a family.

I would like my numbers to be as realistic as possible given this scenario, so details are appreciated! Information regarding how the price would change from situation to situation (how long the session is, what act is being performed, etc.) would be very helpful.
Tags: usa (misc), ~prostitution

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