Andrea (_lsl_) wrote in little_details,

Female name in the 1700's

I've got (yet another) story going where one of my main characters names is Annabel Williamson.

Would this name be appropriate for the 1700's? Specifically, 1720 - 1740 ish. This is in the American Colonies, not sure whether it is the north (New York/Boston ish) or the south (Virginia ish) where her family is from, but I want to make sure that the name Annabel Williamson would work for that era.

The story itself takes place in present day (2003 onwards) but Annabel Williamson was born in that 1700s era. (Vampires and immortality issues all contribute to this weird time gap.)

Thank you! It was just bugging me that Annabel Williamson might not be historically accurate.

EDIT: ANSWERED! Thank you! That's all I needed! It was the spelling of Annabel that I was concerned with. I just needed someone else to confirm it for me!
Tags: 1720-1729, 1730-1739, 1740-1749, ~names

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