The Wanderer (magic_wanderer) wrote in little_details,
The Wanderer

Stun Darts!

Hello, am new!

What would a crack paramilitary type person's stun darts actually contain (name of chemical), how quickly would they work, where would you get hit for maximum effect (and anywhere you could be hit and they'd not work, or take longer to work?), how long would you be out for and how would it feel waking up?

While writing a story, must be ten years ago now, I asked my chemistry teacher the same question. For some bizarre reason, he decided to tell me that curare would be good. I wasn't convinced; a bit more exotic than a more modern drug I'd been expecting. I think there's a scene in Hudson Hawk or something where they're knocked out with curare and end up being paralysed for quite a while, which I didn't particularly want. So, aside from chloroform, which you wouldn't put in a stun dart (I presume) what else is there?
Tags: ~weapons (misc)

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