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Salt Seas and Fresh Seas

Okay, let's play Noah.

Say the proverbial world-wide deluge covers most of the earth's landmass. Suppose that water comes largely from heavy rains, overflowing rivers and swollen lakes. The fresh water mingles with the salty seas...

* What is the resulting ocean: salty fresh water, or diluted salt water?

* After the rainfalls slack off, do subsequent rainstorms increase or decrease? And is their rain salt water or fresh water?

* Would any fresh water even remain after a few years, with most of the world's vegetation underwater?

* If most of the world became a series of islands, what effect would those possibly-salty rains have upon the remaining land-based vegetation?

* Would there be much fresh water left at all? Would it keep welling up from mountain-turned-island springs, or would it all be overwhelmed with salt from the oceans?

* What is it that filters salt water from salt water? I'm guessing that it's evaporation, but is there more to it than that?

Need a drink now. Thanks!
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