Ria (ria777) wrote in little_details,

a request for sources on fishing villages, especially c. 19th century

two related questions for a book set in a fishing village in a vague time period roughly equivalent to the mid to early 19th century in a setting like the british isles. (I never even hint at the year or exact location.) anachronisms don't matter that much, I simply want to get a feel for life there, not strict accuracy. I want to get a realistic portait that I can make unrealistic and romantic as I will... however, I want to have a foundation of realism on which to base it off of, or else I thinkt that would show.

one, could anyone suggest any works set in a fishing village or small town circa the 19th century, early 20th or the equivalent? examples: travelogues, memoirs, autobiographies, realistic novels. recent novels set in Cape Cod (a lot of those have gotten published recently, as searching the local library systems has found out) won't help all that much. too modern!

two, any advice for mapping out this place? please? I made some attempts and each time I did it, the place looked wrong. not sure why. if anyone could point me to well-drawn village maps and tutorials you would have gratitude for always. thank you much!

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