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Edinburgh Questions

So I have two English characters, a man and a woman, at a pub in Edinburgh, Scotland (the year 1978).  They're both pale, thin, and very very pretty punks (and his hair may or may not be lavender, I haven't decided), and it's clear that their relationship is non-sexual (they're cousins, and his girlfriend is elsewhere).  How much hassle are they going to get?

To explain, I need for them (especially him) to get into a fight (that descends into a barroom brawl).  Reasons why don't matter terribly much.  If I have to make him start it, that's okay (pissing people off to the point of violence is something they excel at), but I think the scene would work much better if the fight came to them (somewhat - this character would escalate things from insults to fisticuffs for amusement). 

Also, what would they be  drinking?  At the moment, I have her sipping a Beamish (because Guinness isn't as good as Americans think it is), but I might be off base with that.  He might be having the same as her, and he's been known to drink bourbon and any beer he can get when in the US.  I'm hoping that there's something a little more local that they could consume (especially as she's been living there for a bit).

ETA:  The lady will be having a Newcastle Brown out of the bottle, which will also begin my violent altercation (and there are quite a few lovely alternatives, as well).  Haven't decided what the not-so-gentleman will be having, but I've gotten a lot to work with.  Thanks, all (even if I didn't respond to your comment)!
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