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leaving the LDS church

I've made it this far through NaNo and suddenly a secondary character has decided it's all about him. Don't you love it? :P

Anyway, the character in question is a boy in his late teens (right out of high school) living in the present day US. He grew up in the LDS church with a family that was pretty committed to the faith (not fanatical, but it was definitely the center of their family life). Now Character is 18, away from home, and has made it clear to his parents that he no longer wants anything to do with the church. He's not shy about it, and so pretty much his entire church community knows his feelings on the subject. He's also pretty much made it public knowledge that he's drinking, having sex, and generally not abiding by church teachings. He's also gay. He hasn't directly come out to his family or anyone from the church, but he's rather flamboyant (for lack of a better term) and doesn't bother to hide that he's publicly affectionate with his "friend."

My questions are these:

-First, what kind of pressure are his parents going to get from the church community to bring him back into the fold? They were originally not speaking to him, but now they've sort of adopted the attitude that they can either love their kid or lose their kid, so to speak, so they're grudgingly tolerant. Are they going to be pressured by others to do more?

-Secondly, I tried wikipedia but the answer was unclear to me. As someone who's renounced the faith, is he going to be allowed to attend temple weddings and things of that sort? Also, what is going to be the popular consensus of the fate of someone like this (eternal damnation, etc.)?

-Is there some sort of ritual in the LDS church akin to a Catholic confession- some sort of structured way to confess your sins?

-Are most LDS church buildings open during the day insofar as he could wander into the sanctuary and sit a while, or would that not be something acceptable?

-What sort of reaction is he going to get from other people in the church community (and especially people his age) for rejecting the church outright? I read a few websites with what could be considered horror stories but it seemed that these sites had a bit of an axe to grind and so I don't know if those were the exception or the rule.

-Lastly, how often would a character like this hear homosexuality discussed at church as he grew up and what sort of things would he hear (I'm gathering not positive things, but beyond that). Would it be something brought up in seminary classes or other youth programs? Also, what sort of sex education in general would he receive through the church (if any)?

Phew, that's a lot. Anything you can provide, no matter how small, will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!
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