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UK Passports

It's 1995, and my character is a young Welsh man staying in a hotel in England, due to fly to America the next morning. He's been planning a disappearance for quite some time now, but I need help getting him out of the country. Where he flees to isn't concrete yet -- I'm thinking Germany, if it's important, but I'm not sure.

My question is about UK passports. I read that in 1995, it would have been possible for him to get something called a One-Year Passport. I've googled, etc. and haven't come up with much, as most of the information out there is more current.

1. What were the requirements of One-Year Passports? Were they widely available?

2. How easy were they to track? After he's reported missing, could he easily be tracked to his destination? South Wales Police is involved, and his friends have also hired a private detective.

3. How difficult would it have been for him to get one under an assumed name? In 1995, would it have been reasonably possible to buy one on the black market and flee the country, or would it be likely that he'd be caught?

4. Once he's safely out of the UK, what happens after his passport expires and he's still hiding in his destination country? Obviously, the response of the local authorities would vary depending on which country I ultimately put him in, but would the British government bother to track down a One-Year Passport holder who never returned?

Thank you in advance. ♥
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