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Hunting ...

I'm writing a peice that involves a small hunting trip, it's set in modern time, and I need to know what sort of contact a pair of hunters would have with the outside world when they're in the woods.

Cellphones arn't really feasible for the story, so I was thinking something more along the lines of walkie talkies, but I'm not sure if that is realistic and what type of communication it would provide with let's say -- a ranger station or fellow hunters.

The setting is a little hunted area, patrolled by a couple of rangers so it's pretty remote, but the story is set during the deer season so they're not totally cut off. I want them to be able to contact help in the easiest quickest way possible and recieve it, or at least a confirmation that help is on the way so stay put.

Any other little details about deer hunting would also be appreciated ^_^

edit: Thank you everyone, you've been a huge help!
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