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HELP! I'm really bad at games...

Hi, hi, new here. Please, no excessively painful hazing, I've a delicate constitution, you see. But this looks like precicely the sort of random info-dump source I've been desperately needing, so I'm willing to let you beat me with sharp sticks, if neccesary. =3

So anyway, I've never been much for games of any sort, really, and now I'm finding my lack of experience in the area is causing me some problems with culture building. I've a race of demigods (vampires of a slightly unusual sort) and, well, cultures resembling human ones usually have games, right? Well, I have a chapter coming up where I think two characters are playing a game, so I might as well start here.

Okay. Aidan and Egan (two of my vampires) randomly start playing a word game. Problem is, I don't know what kind of wordgame or it's rules (or the faintest idea of how to start developing such a thing.) It seemed fairly simple. Only one restriction I can think of, and that's that it can't have anything to do with memory - my vampires all have photographic memories.

Kay, here goes the set up.

Egan throws a small object, probably a die or dice, at Aidan. Aidan catches it, accepts, and rolls. Whatever comes up starts the game. It's a rather short game. They go back and forth, speaking words and/or phrases, not neccesarily all in one language. Somewhere in here, Aidan definately says "Aardvark."

At the end (after 6-10 words or so) Aidan says in a sing-song voice, "Fellatio," thus winning the game.

Can anyone think of how this game might work?
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