ex-girl (eelpot) wrote in little_details,

In need of a heraditory disease.

A character of mine has a disease. It needs to be rare/uncommon, something so he won't have to live at the hospital, but still needs treatments/medicines daily or monthly, and is not too easy to see (someone who has no knowledge of that disease should not be able to identify that there is something wrong with him).

I was thinking about Thalassemia, but the problem is that I need his child to get the same disease and need treatment for it. (It has to be dominant or common as a recessive gene, which Thalassemia isn't in the country the story is set in.)

The reason I need it is so that my MC can find the child of the character without knowing which hospital the child was born in. (She will have legal access to medical journals and know about the disease). If anyone have an alternative way to find a two month old orphaned baby without knowing anything but the father's name, please tell me...
Tags: ~medicine: illnesses to order

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