Infinity Blade (infinityblade) wrote in little_details,
Infinity Blade

More Japanese high school stuf...

Awhile back I posted some questions about Japanese high schools. Though I've since lost the link to that thread (damn my lack of initiative for archiving stuff), I do remember most of it... but there are some more specific things that have come to mind for me that I need to ask or double-check. ^^;;

1) Do the students all stay in one room for the whole day, with the teachers moving in and out, or do the students move classrooms? I'm fairly sure on this one, but I just need to check.

2) How are lunch breaks handled?

3) How would the teacher go about introducing a new student to the class?

...trivial things, but hey. I'm anal, since the next part of one story takes place entirely in a school. ^^;;;
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