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Soccer club in Japanese schools

I'm writing a story which involves two characters who are regular members of their schools' soccer club; an elementary school sixth grader, and a middle school third year (equivalent of American 9th grade, I believe). I just realized that I'm going to have to mention how well their teams did in their respective national tournaments for elementary schools and middle schools (I'm only using the term 'national tournament' because I don't know what it's really called). Also, I'm going to have to describe a match the sixth grader's team has against a rival team around May, and I'm not sure which stage of the tournament they'd be in at that point.

So the question is; how do Japanese school soccer clubs work, technically speaking? When do they play? Is soccer a spring sport, a summer sport? How do the tournaments go? Are they split by district, city and prefecture and such? How many tournaments are there, anyway?

If it makes any difference, the story is set in Tokyo in the year 2003.

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