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When you take a bath, make sure you use lots of sopa!

I have a couple of questions regarding another Charmed fan fiction I plan to write in the future.

Okay, a scene in the first chapter will take place in Paris, France. It will involve three OCs: Polaris, Remmon, and Vashni. They are demons. Well, except for Remmon, who is a warlock, although that amounts to the same thing. Polaris is a British demon, but he's lived all around the world. Remmon and Vashni are American, but they've spent most of their time in Hell.

1. What is a less touristy, more authentic section of Paris?

2. What are the kind of things that would be found on the lunch menu of an outdoor French restraunt. I'm thinking casual, but not McDonalds.

3. Though my three OCs speak English to each other, Polaris orders in French. I want to have some humor here with Polaris purposely messing up his order for his own amusement. (I need to establish that Polaris is indeed evil, even if he is perfectly willing to betray all of demonkind.) So anway, I'm looking for some French words that sound similar enough, but if you were to mix them up, you would get an entirely different sentence. Like, "I want a hamburger with extra fetus." is not the same as "I want a hamburder with extra lettuce." Or "Would you like some more pee?" vs. "Would you like some more pie?" Only, you know, with the word play being in French. Keep in mind that Polaris' speech paterns should be more formal and polite. It's perfectly okay if it sounds like he is using a basic ordering sentence that he found in a text book.

4. How would you address a server in Paris?

5. How would a server react if an American was bit rude to them? Not intentionally rude, mind you, but insensitive, to the point, and dismissive. (Remmon's mind is preoccupied with taking over the Underworld, after all.) Also, neither Remmon nor Vashni speak any French, so they are probably just going to point out what they want on the menu. I am not going for any kind of political thing here, but the fan fiction does take place in 2005.

I am going to need your guys again when I deal with the British aspect of Polaris' character, but that can wait 'til another day. Thank you.
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