Not (quite) the British Susie Bright (pinkdormouse) wrote in little_details,
Not (quite) the British Susie Bright

UK Girls' Boarding Schools

For a little Christmas story I'm planning in one of my original fiction universes. I've got two teenage girls, who are half-sisters, but who will probably have been sent to different boarding schools. My gut instinct is that the older girl will be a Cheltenham Ladies College pupil, while the younger one will be at Roedean. I can get the basics from the school websites, but what are the real differences in attitude between the two schools and their pupils?

If it's any help, the older girl is more of an outdoors-y, independent type, while the younger one is a more indoors-y 'Daddy's girl' (although her affections are split between her, often absent, real father and the other two male role models in her life).

And I'm happy to take suggestions for different schools to send one or the other to.

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