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Facial scarring questions (18th century)

Once again, I have a "I don't really know where to start with this" situation.

I have a character with a large, noticeable facial scar which goes from just next to his nose to just below his ear. I've tried googling both websites and pictures, but neither give me the information I needed.

The character in question is a young soldier from a fairly accurate (in most ways) approximation of the late 18th century. I know that people with different skin types tend to scar differently, so it's probably worth pointing out that he's caucasian.

1. How would the cut have initially been treated? (It's fairly deep, but doesn't go right through his cheek.) From what I can tell, something similar to butterfly bandages were often used- would this have been practical for a facial injury, or would it be more likely to have been sewn together?

2. (This is the point where Google Images failed me.) What would this scar actually look like? Would it simply be a line of differently-coloured skin, or would it be raised or sunken? (Unfortunately, I don't have any scars which are big enough for me to figure this out for myself!) Also, would the skin around it be pulled/puckered in any way?

3. What would the scar feel like to touch? What would somebody with no large scars of their own first notice about it if they touched it?

ETA: Thanks a lot, folks- that's a great help!
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