aelfgifu (aelfgifu) wrote in little_details,

Heraldic banners in royal halls

I should know this, but don't. Observe the banners on the castle rafters.

My question is this. If you were a king, would the banners hanging in one of your own halls be only those representing your relatives, or any of your vassals, or what? I know standards represent lines, even those of bastards, and that almost everyone in the very top echelons would be pretty much cousins. But was there any specific rules or traditions dealing with heraldic display in a royal hall?

Also- does anyone know if a family line was either exterminated, disgraced, or die off, what would happen to the standard or heraldic design? If it was taken down, I would think there would be some ritual attached. Any information would be greatly appreciated
Tags: europe: history, ~middle ages, ~nobility (misc)

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