Karoi Gewehr (kitsu) wrote in little_details,
Karoi Gewehr

acres of crops needed to feed a family of four

Like the subject says, how many acres of crops would be needed to feed a family of four. I was thinking the crops would be corn, some other kind of cereal grain maybe wheat or oat, and soybeans. It's a family of four and I'd like it if they had enough food to be self-sufficient with a bit left over to sell.
As for livestock I was thinking cows, pigs and chickens. How many of each would they need?
The story is set in the midwest, southern Illinois to be exact. What other crops or livestock could they have?
EDIT: Sorry! I completely forgot to add in the timeframe. The story is set somewhat in the future so the farming technology they have will be as good as what we have now.
Tags: ~agriculture, ~food and drink (misc)

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