S. A. Bonasi (sabonasi) wrote in little_details,
S. A. Bonasi

Agoraphobic Librarians

Okay, so I have a couple of related, derivative, and thoroughly peculiar questions.

Incidentally, they center about a thoroughly peculiar character. Appearing in a fan fiction for Charmed, his name is Philopus. Philopus is a demon. More specifically, he's a demonic librarian.

1. Is there any specific name for the personality type where a person has mood swings and treats people depending on how useful he views them? I don't mean a mental disorder; I just want to know if I'm dealing with precedent or if my character just has a unique personality and moral system.

2. If a person were to spend the majority of 699 years in a single, enclosed setting, they would develop agoraphobia, correct?

3. Would this agoraphobia affect the person while they were in their single, enclosed setting? If so, how?

4. If a person owns and runs a privately owned library, how would they be referred to? I have a feeling 'proprietor' is incorrect, but I was looking for something a bit more official than 'librarian'. (I want to emphasize not what the job entails, but the fact that the library belongs to Philopus.)

Um...I suppose derivative can describe Philopus as well. He's fun to write in any sense. Thank you for your help.
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