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Translators on TV, UPS trucks

Hi! A shout-out to all my NaNoWriMo compatriots - best of luck!

You know how on a lot of TV shows, they have someone start speaking another language and then their volume goes down and you hear the translator cut over top of them in English (or whatever the native language of the TV station's country is)? What I want to know is: can that be done live? If not, how does the TV station handle a live interview (say, police at a crime scene) who speak another language, assuming they do have translators at the scene? Alternately, how likely is it that a random Japanese policeman would speak English?

This is separate, but I don't think I submitted the post right when I tried to ask this earlier, as it never showed up: Can anyone tell me what the inside of a UPS truck looks like? Seating in the front? Removability of shelves in back, and avaliability of space in the back?

Thanks so much!
Tags: ~television

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