ar_zimrathon (ar_zimrathon) wrote in little_details,

Colleges in Texas

I've got a character, a star high-school football star from a small town in Texas. He's not the sort of character who thinks about college on his own, but just does what his parents and coach suggest. Thus, I'm wondering what college he would be applying to. It's entirely for a small gag about how he wants to major in football, so I don't need to know too much about the college, just what colleges would be suggested to this sort of character (ie, great at football, dim-witted in just about everything else). And we can assume that he's excellent at football, perhaps even good enough for the pros, since right before he mentions his college aspirations, he outruns an alien rooster and falls off a cliff into some trees without getting seriously injured.
Tags: usa: education: higher education, ~sports (misc)

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