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guide dogs, colleges with art programs

Two totally unrelated questions. Oh, Nano, how I love you.

First question is about guide dogs. I have a character who wants to adopt a guide dog, but I'm a little unclear on the process - most of the information I've been able to find is for people who are interested in fostering the dog as a puppy and/or helping to train it. It seems that she would go to the organization and practice with various dogs to see which one she gets along with well. But what happens before that? Does she call the organization and say that she's interested in getting a dog? Is it a complicated process? Do they come check her out to make sure she's a suitable dog owner? When she finds a dog that is compatible with her is there anything else or does she just pay the fee and take it home? If anyone has any good websites for this, link me- I've looked through several guide dog sites and they mostly seem to have the same information. Also, would someone else have named the dog already?

My second question is regarding colleges with good art programs. The situation is that I have a character who plays women's basketball and a character who is an artist and they met in college. I'd like her to attend a good women's basketball school and him to be in a good art program. I have a pretty good idea where the good WBB programs are located but I'm more clueless on the art schools issue. I only found one top 25 list and it wasn't particularly helpful (and it looked kinda sketchy...). So I guess what I'm wondering is about the top 25 women's basketball schools (and the "others receiving votes") and what kinds of reputations their programs have. And specifically, how is Tennessee's art program? I would be very happy if they went there.

Thanks much to everyone who responds!
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