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I'm writing a story, part of which takes place in India.

Basically, my character is a 30-year-old empath (a scifi thing, projecting and receiving other people's feelings) who lives in Canada but is training in India. I want the training to take place in an old abandoned temple/castle/palace, completely outside of and forgotten by all society, based almost completely (for lack of other examples) on the one in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Do places like that actually exist in India?

I realize this is a really broad question. Lessee... he won't be in big cities at all, except for driving through. He's stuck where he is unless someone takes him out. He'll be there for six months. As his training progresses, he'll be venturing out into little villages to test his mettle as a doctor, as that's his eventual goal (he already has the medical degree).

He came to India in a bit of a hurry (about two weeks' notice); are there vaccines he should have gotten that he missed, non-fatal (but harrowing) diseases he's in danger of getting, things he should have learned before he left, experiences every tourist has while in India? I've seen a short video on the caste system in India, but that's about it. Is there anything else really pertinent that I need to know?

Thanks for any help anyone can offer!
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