Linz (full4zaccordion) wrote in little_details,

This is sort of a continuation of an earlier post I made. Would a 9mm bullet pass through a motorcycle helmet?


This is my scenario.

What happens is, Character A is on his motorcycle with his girlfriend on the back. They're on a two-lane highway out in the middle of nowhere, and the only light, other than the motorcycle headlight is the moonlight. Character B drives up and tries to either get him to slow down or force him off the road. The girlfriend falls off the bike and Caharacter A loses control and slides with his right leg pinned under the bike(It's a Harley BTW). Character B stops the car, gets out, and forces the girlfriend into the trunk of the car at gunpoint(his motivation is to kidnap her). Meanwhile, Character A has at least managed to free his leg, but he's in extreme pain, as the bone has broken through the skin, so he's lying on the pavement, moaning. Character B walks over and stands over him. He doesn't want any witnesses, so he decides to execute him. Character A is wearing a motorcycle helmet, though, and Character B doesn't know if the bullet would go all the way through and he wants the quickest kill possible, so he decides to shoot him in the chest instead of the head. He doesn't lean over or anything. He just points and shoots. Character A feels the impact of the shot but he doesn't know if he's still alive, but instinctively, he plays dead. Since it's so dark and Character A is wearing leather, Character B can't tell if there's any blood, but he assumes Character A is dead and drags him off into the bushes. Then he rolls the bike into the bushes, gets into his car, and drives off. Character A waits 10 min before getting up, in case Character B comes back, then he checks his body to figure out why he isn't dead, and realizes something he was wearing stopped the bullet. He cries for a moment, then he gets up and hobbles down the road to find help.

I need something he could be wearing that would stop the bullet, because Character B has no aversion to killing and he wants to make sure there are no witnesses to the crime.
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