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Translation help for my angel characters' names

Okay, so I've got some angel characters whose story may or may not get written (as with most of my ideas, I have a beginning, an end, some pretty scenes for the middle and no decent plot to string them together on) but either way they need names, and I have no idea about constructing Biblical/angelic-type names.

Well, actually, one's almost solved, because there's another angel with the same name, but I was wanting to just check...

From this page (A-Z of angels):
HANIEL-Also Hanael and Aniel [...]

I'm assuming Anael is also an acceptable variation?

The other one needs a bit more help. I want his name to mean "pure one of God". Searched Behind the Name and got

From the Greek form of the Hebrew name זַכָּי (Zakkay) which meant "pure".

Can I just stick the -el suffix onto Zakkay (Zakkayel? Zakkael?) or is there some other translation I've missed entirely? Hopefully not, I like the sound of that... and he's been so darn stubborn about his name anyway...

Thanks in advance for your help! ^_^
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