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Japanese name

Hello :)
I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on a particular male Japanese name for me. My main character is born in America, and because I want the Americans to pretty much immediately 'americanize' his name I needed a name that sounded very similar to an American name. After much name-googling, I came up with the Japanese 'Naizen', which the Americans will dub Nathan (I thought that sounded similar enough).
Now, my character's father is unknown, but his mother is Japanese, and I vaguely remember that they put a lot of weight into their offspring's names. So if anyone has an opinion about the name Naizen, I'd appreciate any input.
I don't want my protagonist to accidentially end up with a name like 'son of the devil' or something like that...;)

I wanted to thank everyone who has replied to my Japanese name query for their wonderful tips, hints, suggestions and links. I appreciate all of them, and I will definitely find a good name now! :)
Again, thank you all very much! This is a very helpful community!!
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