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Whoo! It's my first time posting. S'up, everyone? :D

Are there any aviators out there? I've a quick question (or, actually, a multitude of questions!)! I'm writing a story that deals with a transcontinental flight from Denver, Colorado, to New York, New York. The things I wish to ask are...

1) One wouldn't really fly a four-engined jet (like an Airbus 340 or a Boeing) for a trip so short-distanced, would they? Is that even normal? Are there any four-engined jets you would use for a trip such as this, or is that totally uncalled for? :p

2) If you wouldn't use the abovementioned jet, which model would one generally usually use for this flight? :D

3) On a flight from Denver to New York, generally about how many hours would it take to reach your destination?

Thank you very much for your time and patience! ^-^ Thank goodness for communities like this! xD
Tags: ~travel: air travel

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