Karyn (restlesspoetry) wrote in little_details,

Great classic?

Just a small details brought to you from the insanity of NaNoWriMo... If I want to mention a book as an example of a classic, great work of art that everybody knows what it is, would War and Peace work? I know it would work in Sweden, but I'm this time the setting is current time US, and the narrator is about 20 and not exceedingly smart or anything, just your average girl. Thanks a lot!

Edit: Thanks everyone for your input. I have a lot of suggestions now, and still haven't made up my mind of which one to use. As a reference, the sentence I want this little detail for is as follows "Most of them were for Nathan’s article I think, except for Adam, who acted as if he had written a new and more brilliant version of War and Peace.", in case that helps any further suggestions along. Either way, thanks for your input. I love this community!

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