Sa-Ra (bast_setesh) wrote in little_details,

Henry Flagler's participation with the occult

Guten Tag, I'm writing a story that deals with tying in late Victorian/early Edwardian New York City and present day St. Augustine through the East Coast Florida Railway owner, Henry Flagler. I've heard rumours of Mr. Flagler's dealings with the occult, and was curious as to if anybody had any more information on that. Wikipedia and Google have been uncharacteristically unhelpful. What I'm most interested in is the following:

What parts of occult practices was Henry most interested in? I've heard the talk of performing séances, but I was curious as to if it went deeper than that.

Was it common for people to attribute his vast success to the occult?

I've heard that he had quite a few prestigous people joining him in these things. JD Rockefeller is one, but I was wondering if anybody knew of any other names pegged to this? Perhaps, if nothing else, his other Standard Oil business partner, Samuel Andrews?

Thanks in advance!

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