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Third-Class Families on the Titanic

This is my first post here, so let's hope I don't mess anything up. ^_^; I've been watching the community, however, so I'll try to post as much detail that may be useful.

Well, I'm writing a novel with a portion of the story taking place on, and a big part of it being, the infamously doomed ship herself, the RMS Titanic. I have two questions about third-class families, and all Google, Wikipedia, information pages, books [fiction and non-fiction], movies and my further obsessing will give me is basics and nothing very in-depth.

01. The first [there are two] is the O'Shea family, a thirty-year-old widower [Calder] and his twelve-year-old [Kaelyn], almost thirteen, daughter. They're both Irish, but are immigrating from England rather than Ireland. Would the father and daughter be situated together in the forward part of the F-deck [both families are on F-deck], or would the daughter be alone in the aft section?

02. The second family, the Cullens, consists of four -- the mother [Kaitlyn] who is twenty-four, the father [Craig] who is twenty-three, and then the children, a daughter [Kathryn] at the age of five and eighteen-month-old son [Cai]. They're Irish-Scottish and are immigrating from Ireland. I know the children and mother would be together in aft at the least, but would the husband be put in the forward section [near the bow]? The parents are, of course, married.

If anyone could answer either of these [mostly needing the latter, but the former would be great as well], I'd be rather thankful. ^_^; If not, I'll just improvise as histocially-accurately as I can.

EDIT: Thank you for advice on the names, but I'm not looking for advice there. I'm not being too strict there, and if I were, I would have asked. I appreciate it, but that's not what I asked.

Anyway, I have what I need to know, so thank you again. ^_^

EDIT . . . again: Ah, I didn't realise disabling comments made all others hidden. My mind is rather slipping.
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