Chibi (tenshikitsune) wrote in little_details,

Medical Question- What's It Look Like....

When someone's thowing up blood?
Scenario- My character just got sliced through the side and some minor internal bleeding occured, but both the interior and exterior wounds are stitched up now. He was passed out but woke up again because he couldn't breathe and started to throw up blood (the blood is pooling at the back of his throat and being swallowed from a bad nosebleed- that's what's making it hard to breathe. Also the cause of sickness). Also, they are in the middle of nowhere with no hospitals- the guy's two best friends are medically trained though (they fixed his side), surgeon and a doctor.
I know there would be blood all over everywhere already from the bleeding in his side and then more around his mouth from throwing up the blood, but I need better specifics. Google tells me why one might throw up blood, when to go to my doctor but otherwise I can't narrow the search enough...
Does it come out your nose too, like when you throw up really violently? Is it possible to throw up without ripping out stitches, by some miracle? How could a medically trained person tell the difference between blood from a nosebleed and blood from an internal bleeding site?
Anyone ever been the person throwing up blood? Been the person watching someone you love bleed from their mouth? Care to share? Anything would be great at this point...

Tags: ~medicine: injuries (misc)

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