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I'm Ellen "Scrunch" Lyle.

Minute Maid Cranberry Grape

Ohhh, NaNoWriMo.

Anyway, it's 33 minutes in and I've hit a snag: How long has Minute Maid cranberry grape juice been in production? When was it "released"? I know they just started with orange juice, but I can't find anything beyond that. And if you couldn't buy it in the mid 1980s, was there a brand of cranberry grape juice that you could?

I don't particularly care if it's in concentrate form or whatever, but cranberry grape is, I think, inherently funnier than just grape and, obviously, has a whole extra word built in every time I write it.

I've dug around the Minute Maid site and done a few Googles with various word combos but can only find the history of the company. I don't need exact dates, if you can just remember from personal experience that it has been around for a good twenty years or whatever, that's more than enough. Or, if you remember specifically not being able to buy it in the mid-eighties, that's good, too. Just making sure a basic time line works out before I go much father with this bit.

Edit! Thank you everyone! Ocean Spray it is, which isn't so bad because that's still two words. ahaha. So my next question would be this, I know Minute Maid is only 25% actual juice because I buy it myself quite frequently from the school cafeterias/markets etc. But we're Coca Cola products all the way around here, so Ocean Spray doesn't seem to be an option. I'll run across the way to the little store on the way to my next class to be sure. Anyway, I don't have a bottle handy and if it's on their webpage it's very hidden, so how much actual juice is in Ocean Spray Cran-Grape?

I've managed to write an entire chapter about this juice, people, 1762 words, and I am not about to lose bits and bobs just because I had to switch juice brands!
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