Dawnshadow (dawnshadow) wrote in little_details,

Would freezing water crush things?

I don't know if I'll use this or not, but for something I'm plotting I was thinking of having a weapon that was inspired by the ice beam in Metroid (although it's magic-tech based instead of scientific) and freeze whatever's hit by its beam.

So, I was randomly wondering-- if someone was standing in a knee-deep pond (well, small pond. Puddle?) and the beam from this weapon struck the water, instantly freezing it solid, would the expansion of the ice crush the person's feet and legs, or just make them very, very cold as the water expanded upward? (Granted, the ice elemental energy of this hypothetical beam would probably freeze the target's legs solid, too, and the hypothermia might kill them....)

I flailed at Google, but I honestly have no idea of just what to search *for.*
Tags: ~science (misc)

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