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Software piracy in Hong Kong

I've been poking around Google trying to get an idea of this, but searching "hong kong software piracy" mostly gets reports about broad legal issues, and I'm really not sure about what keywords I'd use to get what I want.

So I have a character from Hong Kong. I want him to be involved in software piracy.

The problem is that I'm really not sure what having this "job" would mean for his lifestyle. Like, if I were writing a professor, I'd have the idea that they get up, teach a class or two, spend some time doing office hours, maybe work on their latest research a bit, etc. If I were writing a convienience store clerk, I know they'd get up, go to work, ring people up, etc.

I have no idea what exactly a software pirate is going to get up and do in the morning to make a few bucks.

Help with this, or even just help figuring out a better search string for Google, would be much loved!
Tags: china: hong kong, ~technology: computers & internet

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