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Middle Class Restaurant Near Castel Sant'Angelo

Is there anyone who has eaten near the site Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome? I'm not looking for one of those five-star restaurants [they're all I can find on Google and Wiki.] Instead, I'd like a middle-class restaurant where the food is great and all, middle-priced, but near Castel Sant'Angelo, maximum of two miles.

From Google, I've gotten Frederico's, but I've only the name and nothing else. So I'd also like to know some common cuisine [because apparently, there are themed days for cuisine? Any specifics on that?]

If there's any help whatsoever, thanks!

eta: Oops, forgot to add that I'd like cuisine other than spaghetti. :DD;;

edit: After browsing food_porn, I've got enough Italian food recipes and pictures to get me by. :D Help on my first question greatly appreciated still, though.
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