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Nethilia - Who Really Doesn't Exist

High school/middle school courses in America?

Okay, it's been five years since I was in high school, and I don't remember my courses too well. It doesn't help either, that I went to a specialty high school that required four years of everything
and was in the gifted program starting in 5th grade. So my schedules are off as compared to, say
general America. Can I get a little help here? I'll post what I did, for some help. I apologize
for the length/number of questions.

Math: The gifted program/my high school screwed this up for me badly. I had to take four years of math in high school and started early with prealgebra in 7th grade and all the way to Calculus. So how many years are needed on average and what's generally the last one needed?

History/Social science: I have no idea. I had World in 6th, but I had Texas History in 7th and I know that's not nationwide. What would be the equivalent in other states: Specific state history
or something more general? And how many years are needed in high school?

Gym: My high school eliminated gym starting after 10th grade because of medical class that doubled to twice the time in 11th. and with an extra study class, it was only about a year altogether. So does
gym go all through high school or is it only 2 years or so? And do athletes get out of gym class?

Electives: I got very few of these, thanks to my 4 years of medical classes. I know electives are just
as many as it takes for credits, but I have no idea what any are, other than art, choir, and theatre
(the three I got to take in middle school). Are there others?

Science: I know it can end with Physics (I was forced to take Bio 2) but how many years are needed?
And does high school have to start with Biology 1?

Etc: Is there anything I am forgetting? English I pretty much get--it's four years, and the
specifics can shift.

Thank you so much for wherever you can help me. I crossposted this to my own journal, as I have some friends who are high school age/just got out.

EDIT: I'm after all the variations, actually, regardless of state. The schools are set in something of an alternate universe, so this is more of me getting what I can and working with it. Thanks to my schools, I have a very bad guideline to go on in my personal life.

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