K (pewter_alyssum) wrote in little_details,

Oregon college student--classes & jobs

I have a problem child, commonly known as a plot. It is throwing fits and being difficult and you guys were my first thought, as I really don't know where to start.

My main character is a student at Oregon State University. She is a shy sophomore who is not much of a people person and spends--needs to spend, really--a lot of time at home. However, I'm not exactly sure how to go about it, since I'm not going to be in college for another couple of years.

How much of the day would a dedicated student spend in class? What classes would she be taking?  She's probably an English major, although Linguistics or History could work, too.

What kind of job would allow her to spend a lot of time at home? I was thinking of her being some kind of assistant sub-editor of some kind, but I'm not sure if that would leave her with enough at-home time, or if it would work out with her class schedule.

Thank you! Any help at all is greatly appreciated.
Tags: usa: education: higher education

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