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Psychiatric and/or neurological help

Random, obscure, and possibly unanswerable question:

Is there any sort of medical or psychiatric condition that would cause someone to see people's faces in a warped, fucked-up sort of way? I'm aware that certain kinds of brain damage can make it impossible for people to recognize faces. I'm wondering if there's anything along those same lines that would affect how a person views other people.

Background: it's for a story for my creative writing class, about an artist who paints bizarre portraits of people, and it turns out that's actually just how she sees them. The story was criticized in workshop for not being based enough in reality (i.e., the character's not noticeably psychotic in any way). I'm trying to find out if I can keep this particular storyline and write it in a realistic way, or if I have to completely change the ending.

Thanks in advance.
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