Hôtel Élysée (hotelelysee) wrote in little_details,
Hôtel Élysée

Hotels in San Francisco, after World War II

NaNoWriMo invader here. *waves*

I'm planning out a novel set in San Francisco in 1947, and it takes place mostly in a small, exclusive hotel in the city. The main characters are employees at the hotel, and the hotel owner and guests figure prominently in the story as well. I need to get an idea of how hotels were run just after the war. Would they be significantly different from contemporary hotels, or should I assume things are basically the same, vis a vis a front desk, an on-site kitchen, housekeeping, etc.?

Also, should I assume that the postwar economic prosperity was already in effect by 1947? My history books tend to skip right from the end of WWII to the fifties and the Cold War, and that little in-between sliver gets overlooked.

Lord, I feel young, but 1947 might as well be 1147 as far as I'm concerned. :-(


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