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Vietnam-- food and the like

Hello again! You all are so incredibly smart. Thanks in advance.

I have a few questions about Vietnam circa 1850, mainly in the more coastal regions. Google and Wikipedia have not been too helpful.

- What are some traditional Vietnamese meals? Not really gourmet, which I seem to find a lot of, but just average stuff. What would they be made out of? Any particular details about such things?

- Does a Vietnamese restaurant differ a lot from a Western one? I.e., going in, getting seated, and ordering from a menu. Would it be different in the 1850's?

- What kinds of fruits are common in Vietnam, or are heavily imported?

- What were some common Vietnamese exports and imports at the time? Stuff that might be valuable in the trade market.

- I know that France attacked Vietnam around 1858 and conquered Vietnam in the 60's - 70's. But a few years prior to this, say, 1853, how much would you see French people (or any European people) in Vietnam? Did the French just sail up and get to conquering? Something tells me no, but I'm not super familiar with this part of history. As well, what ethnicities were semi-prominent in Vietnam besides Vietnamese people?

If you can't answer every question, that's quite all right. Thanks!
Tags: 1850-1859, vietnam: food and drink, vietnam: history

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