Drawn Like A Dream (aflaminghalo) wrote in little_details,
Drawn Like A Dream

Heart attack treatments


I'm currently writing a story in which the male lead suffers a heart attack. It's not going to be majorly explored as it's intended to be more a catalyst, but I would like some more (and coherent) information on the medical treatment he would recieve once he got into (a US) hospital than I have been able to find on google.

I've written him up as having a stay of intederminate length (not a big issue here) for a moderate heart attack and have given him a thrombylotic agent for clotting and also a TNI, a CK and Cardiac Biomarker tests. Is this overkill or do any of the tests render any of the others useless? Have I missed anything important out? Totally overkilled it?

Any advice you can give me would be great.

- Helen. :)
Tags: ~medicine: illnesses: heart problems

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