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Chest Wound - Victim's POV

I can find plenty of technical information on an open pneumothorax (sucking chest wound) and its treatment--what I can't seem to find is the victim's POV of the injury.

I have someone with an arrow wound to the chest ('medieval' fantasy setting). My questions are on how the person feels after having an arrow pierce their chest and into the lung (not too deep, as I want this to be survivable). The experiences of a modern-day stab victim would even be helpful.

The location of the wound is going to be right side, upper chest, near the armpit. (I'm not an anatomy expert, so if that's not a good spot for this wound, feel free to suggest a different spot.) At this point, the arrow has been removed and the wound is being treated.

  • Would he be able to speak the day after the injury, or would it be too painful to draw enough breath? Only a whisper? Normal voice? Not at all? (This is a 'tough guy', so he's got a fairly high pain tolerance--or tries to, anyway). If it's difficult to speak, would he gradually 'regain his voice' as the wound heals and the pain diminishes?

  • As there would also be at least one broken rib to go with the puncture, would it be a constant dull pain to breathe? Is it sharp pain? Is it localized or does his whole chest hurt?

  • Since modern treatment involves a chest tube, would he still be coughing up blood (or blood-tinged phlegm) for a while? Would he feel "bubbling" in his chest with every breath?

  • How long would it take, approximately, before he would no longer be in constant pain? Would pain from taking a deep breath last a little longer?

Thanks for the help. :-)

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