caitak (caitak) wrote in little_details,

Sound of a person walking

Google and Wiki aren't helping me here, I'm getting some interesting sites but nothing of any use, so once again I'm turning to you guys.

During a sinister sort of scene in an empty car park my female character hears the sound of someone approaching.

It's an older guy with a pronounced limp and a walking stick.

What sound does he make as he walks across the tarmac? (It's smooth flat tarmac, perfect for roller-skating on, not all gravelly like in some places).

I'm thinking there'd be a scuffing noise as he drags his foot, but what would the sound of his shoe and his stick make. His shoes are flat, probably rubber soled, and the stick also has a rubber tip on the end.

If I was at home I'd probably be able to figure it out myself... I think my Nan's stick makes a sort of light tap sound.

Any help is appreciated.

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