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Mindset of Nazi youth

Hello! I found this group through fsu_noles. :)

I'm writing a historical fiction piece based on... something I actually don't know much about. It's concerning WWII and the Holocaust, revolving around two characters who meet by happenstance. However, I don't know an incredible amount about the young adult mindset of a Nazi soldier. Are there any websites y'all can point me to that has the exact reason why young adults (think, 21-24) would be Nazis? Parental influences, society, anything would be helpful. I've tried searching, but in vain. So now I'm turning to you all. :)

Thanks for the help.


I see there's a lot of confusion surrounding whether or not this is going to be compelling, and my motives for writing a story that I don't know too much about. :) To elaborate on my idea: I was thinking more of a children's or YA fiction novel, based around a Jewish girl and a young (24?) Nazi whose paths cross while at a concentration camp. (Please let me know if a 24-year-old Nazi as a Kapo guard [sorry, wrong word -- it was late, lol] or in some other position would be unbelievable!) When they meet, it's the typical Jew-and-Nazi relationship (i.e. they hate each other, though in different manners, of course), but then she starts to show him the true atrocities of the camp, etc...

I need some sort of introduction as to why the boy is there, why he's a Nazi in the first place, and how he eventually changes his mindset to the point where he's willing to risk his own life to save another. So the background was very important. :)

However, I also see now that there are lots of reasons, influences, and sources that I could incorporate, so thanks so much for the suggestions! I truly appreciate everything. :)
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