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Sexual harrassment in a Catholic high school

I apologize if this is too detailed or specific or something (I blame NaNoWriMo):

Basically, a high school junior or senior at a Catholic school falsely accuses a teacher of sexual harrassment/assault (I haven't worked it out exactly yet) -- it's a complete lie, he's just a really snotty kid getting back at a teacher who won't let him get away with anything. However, the teacher is in fact gay, and had been attempting to hide it as much as possible. I'm sort of aiming for some scenes with a trial or a deposition or something like that; specifically, where a fellow teacher/friend of his is questioned about him and stuff like that. How far would this go, most likely? The ending is that it's proven that he's innocent, but he still leaves the school for another. What would need to happen to prove his innocence 100%? (I have some ideas, but what's convincing?

Legal specifics are awesome, but any help at all is great! :)
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